Research & Publications

Fields of Interest

  • Public Economic Law
  • Fiscal Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Regulatory Impact Assessment and Ex-post Evaluation of Regulation
  • Economic Analysis of Law
  • Law and Society

Researcher at TDRI



    • Researcher and Project Manager, Research Project on the Revision of the Trade Competition Act, B.E. 2560, submitted to Office of Trade Competition Commission Thailand (September 2022).
    • Researcher, Regulatory Guillotine Project II, submitted to Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit (PMDU), Thailand Development Research Institute, (December 2019).
    • Researcher, Public Policy and Legal Process Development Project: Freedom of Occupation and Labor Protection in Fisheries, Submitted to King Prajadhipok’s Institute, Thailand Development Research Institute (September 2021).
    • Researcher and Project manager, The Study on the Regulatory Framework Governing Auditors and Audit Firms for Listed Companies, submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission Office (SEC), Thailand Development Research Institute (June 2020).
    • Researcher, A Study of Railway Regulation for Thailand, submitted to the Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning, Thailand Development Research Institute (April 2019).
    • Researcher, A Legal Appraisal of Digital Government Transformation, submitted to Institute for Good Governance Promotion (Office of the Public Sector Development Commission: OPDC) (August 2022).
    • Researcher, A Research Project on Improving Operational Efficiency of the Justice Fund Office, submitted to Justice Fund Office, Thailand Development Research Institute, (December 2020).
    • Research Assistant, Project on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights Regarding the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and Environment, submitted to the Office of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand (NHRC), Thailand Development Research Institute, (September 2019).
    • Researcher and project manager, Project to a Study on Developing Personal Data Protection Guidelines for Data Controller and Data Processor According to the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562, summitted to Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, Thailand Development Research Institute, (December 2021).


  • Khemmapat Trisadikoon, ‘Policy Focus: Fixing fiscal laws to have fair elections’ Bangkok Post (10 May 2023) 9.
  • Khemmapat Trisadikoon, ‘Policy Focus: Personal Data at Risk in Govt Hands’ Bangkok Post (31 August 2022) 9.
  • Khemmapat Trisadikoon, ‘Policy Focus: Unfair Laws in Tourism Need Overhaul’ Bangkok Post, (9 June 2022) 9.

Research Assistant at Faculty of Law, Thammasat University

  • Researcher, Regulatory Reform Short Term Rental in Thailand, submitted to Airbnb, Inc., Faculty of Law (Thammasat University) (October 2021).
  • Research Assistant, Project on the Water Management in Songkhla Province, submitted to Songkhla Provincial Administrative Organization, Thammasat University Research and Consultancy Institute, (August 2019).
  • Research Assistant, A Project to Study and Drafting Regulation, Human Resource Management Work Plan, and the Evaluation of Personnel Selection of the Office of the Fuel Fund, submitted to the Office of the Fuel Fund, Thammasat University Research and Consultancy Institute, (August 2021).
  • Research Assistant, Project to a Study the Feasibility of Using Information from Internet Services to Analyze and Process for Regulatory Purposes, submitted to Office of National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC), Thammasat University Research and Consultancy Institute, (2020).
  • Research Assistant, Project to a Study the Feasibility of Using Information from Mobile Phone Services to Analyze and Process for Regulatory Purposes, submitted Office of National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC), Thammasat University Research and Consultancy Institute, (2018).

Refereed Journal Articles


  • Khemmapat Trisadikoon, ‘The Legal Policy Modifications on Alcoholic Beverage Production Control in Thailand’ (2022) 2 Chulalongkorn University Law Journal 73. Abstract: Currently, the alcoholic beverages production business is limited to large operators, this condition arises from the laws, rules and regulations of the state relating to production of alcoholic beverages. Thailand has two justifications to regulate the alcohol production: (1) a source of tax revenue and (2) to discourage the consumption of a product that affects public health. Historically, the public health aspect has been the main driving force behind the implementation of the current regulatory approach, which overshadow the control of quality of alcohol production. The consequence is that the regulation hindered the development of the alcohol production industry, especially from small and niche entrepreneurs. This article compares Thailand’s legal policies (law and regulation) with those in ASEAN countries such as Singapore and Vietnam, which are jurisdiction that has relaxed and refocus on regulating the quality and safety of the alcoholic beverages production, rather than a licensing system. The article argue that the subject is timely for a policy reform and proposal a new approach to the regulation of alcohol production in Thailand which focus on qualifications and conditions of the producer and lower the barrier to entry for the market for new operators or existing producer that are operating outside the country. Publisher’s Version.
  • Khemmapat Trisadikoon, ‘A Comparative Study of Regulatory Framework Governing Capital Market Audit Firms and The Suggestions to Amend Thailand’s Related Legal Frameworks’ (2022) 2 Thammasat Law Journal 388. Abstract: Auditing and reviewing financial reports is a key mechanism for ensuring transparency and protecting capital market investments of listed companies. Capital market auditors and audit firms play important roles as gatekeepers monitoring facts and financial statuses of companies and presenting related information to investors for use in making informed decisions about legal rights to control listed companies. Nevertheless, capital market auditor and audit firm supervisory law are now inadequately emphasized. Supervision pertains to individual capital market auditors rather than audit firms, lessening capital market auditor supervision efficiency. This is because supervision does not address capital market audit firms that play important roles in controlling the performance of capital market auditors. In addition, gaps may exist in governance for managing conflicts of interest. This article studied principles of corporate governance of audit firms as a framework for describing international comparative conditions for capital market auditor and audit firm supervision in Thailand and formulated suggestions for improving pertinent Thai laws. Publisher’s Version.



  • Khemmapat Trisadikoon, ‘Description of Luang Praditmanutham’s (Pridi Banomyong) Economic Outline’ in Napat Panyakarn (eds.) the Welfare State for the People’s Happiness (Pridi Banomyong Foundation 2021) 53 – 160. (in Thai)

Manuel, Guide, and Guideline

  • Nakorn Serirak, Khemmapat Trisadikoon and others, Data Protection Manuel for Local Administrative Organizations (Privacy Thailand 2022). (in Thai)
  • Wethan Phuangsup, Khemmapat Trisadikoon and others, PDPA Manual for SMEs Entrepreneur (Office of Personal Data Protection Committee (PDPC) 2022). (in Thai)
  • Kiratipong Naewmalee, Khemmapat Trisadikoon and others, Personal Data Protection Guideline for Public Agency (Thailand Development Research Institue 2021). (in Thai)


Khemmapat Trisadikoon is a contributing writer for Pridi Banomyong Institute. He writes articles on the economy, politics, law and issues of democratic society. In addition, he has also written articles on other websites.